How to remain on fire for God?

 Introduction In a world that often feels cold and disconnected, it’s more important than ever to be on fire for God. As Christians, we are called to be a light in the darkness, to spread the love and truth of the gospel to all we encounter. But how do we do that in a way … Read more

Who a Christian Youth Should Marry?

Introduction As Christian youth, the decision of who to marry is a profound one that can have a lasting impact on our lives. Many young believers grapple with this question, wondering if there is a “right” or “wrong” choice when it comes to a life partner. The good news is that yes, it is possible … Read more

What are the signs of the end times?

 Introduction As we move through the complicated modern world, we should be aware of the signs that the end times are coming. The “end times” refers to the period before Jesus comes back the second time and God’s plan for humanity. We don’t know exactly when these events will happen, but there are certain things … Read more

What is the powerful time to pray?

 Introduction The Christian tradition of having seven prayer times during the day is an ancient and powerful practice. These prayer times are based on the natural rhythms of the day, from the first hour at dawn to the midnight vigil. By praying at these set times, believers can align their lives with God’s eternal kingdom. … Read more

Your Body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit

 Introduction As believers, we are called to honor God with our bodies. The concept of our bodies being a “temple of the Holy Spirit” is a profound and impactful truth found in Scripture. This metaphor carries immense spiritual significance and should deeply shape how we view and care for our physical bodies.  The Body as … Read more

How does the Bible define youth?

 Introduction The concept of youth has evolved significantly over time, and it is interesting to explore how the Bible, one of the most influential texts in history, defines and portrays youth. In this article, we will delve into the biblical understanding of youth and examine whether the modern generation still reflects that ideal. What Does … Read more

Biggest Challenges for Christians in the Modern World

Introduction In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, Christians face a multitude of challenges that can distract from their faith and relationship with God. While distractions from God’s Word and the allure of worldly pleasures are significant hurdles, there are deeper, more complex issues that Christians must grapple with in order to stay grounded in their beliefs … Read more

When God is quiet

Introduction Have you ever experienced a season in your life where it feels like God is silent? When you pray, it seems like your words are disappearing into the void. When you open your Bible, the words feel dry and disconnected. In those moments, it can be easy to feel abandoned, forgotten, or lost. But … Read more

What does grieving the holy spirit mean

 Introduction As followers of Christ, we are called to walk in the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. However, the Bible warns us against the sobering consequences of “grieving the Holy Spirit.” But what does this phrase really mean, and why is it so important for believers to grasp this concept? In this article, … Read more

How old was Abraham when God called Him

 Introduction The biblical story of Abraham is one of the most iconic and influential narratives in Judeo-Christian tradition. As the father of monotheism and the progenitor of the Abrahamic faiths, Abraham’s life and spiritual journey have captivated believers and scholars alike for centuries. One key detail that has long been debated is the age at … Read more