Raising Godly Children: A Guide For Christian Parents


As Christian parents, one of our most important responsibilities is to raise our children in the ways of the Lord. The Bible is clear that children are a blessing from God, and we are called to train them up in the knowledge and fear of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6). But in today’s world, filled with so many competing influences, how can we ensure that our children grow up to be faithful followers of Christ? In this article, we’ll explore key principles and practical tips for raising godly children.

The Importance of Modeling Godliness

One of the most important things we can do as parents is to model godly behavior and character for our children. They are constantly watching and learning from us, so it’s critical that our own lives reflect the values and priorities we want to instill in them. This means consistently living out our faith through things like daily prayer, Scripture reading, church involvement, and acts of service and compassion.

When our children see that our relationship with God is genuine and central to who we are, it will have a powerful impact on them. They’ll learn that following Christ is not just a set of rules, but a way of life characterized by love, integrity, and a humble dependence on God.

  Intentional Discipleship

In addition to modeling godliness, we need to be intentional about discipling our children in the faith. This means regularly teaching them the truths of the gospel, helping them understand and apply biblical principles, and equipping them to navigate the challenges of life from a Christ-centered perspective.

Some practical ways to do this include:

– Reading the Bible together as a family and discussing its meaning and application

– Praying together regularly, both for specific needs and for spiritual growth

– Memorizing Scripture as a family

– Discussing current events and cultural trends in light of a biblical worldview

– Serving others in the local church and community together

– Encouraging age-appropriate spiritual disciplines like personal quiet time

The goal is to create an environment in the home where faith is not just talked about, but actively lived out in everyday life.

 Guarding Their Hearts and Minds

In today’s world, our children are constantly bombarded with influences that can pull them away from the Lord. That’s why it’s so important for us as Christian parents to be vigilant about guarding their hearts and minds.

This begins with being intentional about the media, entertainment, and peer groups our children are exposed to. We need to carefully monitor what they are watching, listening to, and engaging with online and offline. Are the TV shows, movies, music, and social media they consume promoting values that align with biblical truth, or are they filled with ungodly content that could corrupt their thinking and behavior?

We should also be proactive about cultivating friendships and activities that will reinforce the values we’re trying to instill in our children. Surrounding them with peers who share our family’s commitment to Christ can have a powerful, positive influence. And immersing them in extracurricular pursuits that nurture their God-given talents and interests can help fill their hearts and minds with what is “true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable” (Philippians 4:8).

But guarding their hearts and minds isn’t just about keeping the “bad” things out. We also need to be intentional about filling their lives with the good – exploring the wonders of God’s creation through nature walks and field trips, reading great books that inspire their faith and imagination, and engaging in uplifting hobbies and interests that bring them joy and a sense of purpose.

When our children’s minds are saturated with truth, beauty, and goodness, it becomes that much harder for the enemy to gain a foothold. They’ll be better equipped to discern truth from lies, to resist temptation, and to stand firm in their faith when the cultural currents try to sweep them away.

Of course, no amount of vigilance can completely insulate our children from the fallen world we live in. But by proactively guarding their hearts and minds, we can partner with the Holy Spirit to build a strong spiritual foundation that will sustain them throughout their lives.

It’s not easy, and there will be challenges and setbacks along the way. But if we remain diligent and keep our eyes fixed on the Lord, we can have confidence that He will guide us and work powerfully in our children’s lives. Our faithful, prayerful efforts to guard their hearts and minds will yield eternal dividends as we raise up the next generation of devoted followers of Christ.

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Raising godly children in today’s world is no easy task, but it is one of the most important callings God has given us as Christian parents. By modeling godliness, being intentional about discipleship, and guarding our children’s hearts and minds, we can partner with the Holy Spirit to raise up the next generation of faithful followers of Christ.

It won’t be perfect, and there will be challenges and setbacks along the way. But if we remain steadfast in our commitment to the Lord and to our children, we can have confidence that He will be faithful to guide us and work in their lives. May God grant us the wisdom, strength, and perseverance to fulfill this vital responsibility.

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